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We at DELUXE Blinds & Shutters know that dressing up your windows could very well be a tedious and intimidating job for those who are not professionals in the field.

Since we are the professionals you are looking for, our first objective is to guide each and every new prospect in their purchasing experience so that it can result in a pleasant and satisfactory outcome.

Deluxe is always our service and our products, never our prices!

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Value of tradition

Consist of tiltable slats, either horizontal or vertical, that can be adjusted to let the exterior light in, filter it or block it out.

Horizontals can be made of:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Faux Wood
  • Real Wood

The Verticals can be made of:

  • PVC
  • Fabric

May be designed according to these scenarios:

  • Windows – Use Horizontals or Verticals
  • Sliding Doors – Use Verticals
  • French Doors – Use Horizontals (Attached to the doors)
  • Windows & Sliding Doors – Use both accordingly

Blinds offer the most affordable good-looking solution for privacy management and light control.


Expression of diversity

The perfect mix of awesome appearance and high performance, shades stand out for being the most versatile category of window treatments.

They Include:

  • Rollers
  • Zebras (AKA Neolux, Mezzanine, Mirage, Illusion, Dual…)
  • Cellulars (AKA Honeycombs)
  • Silhouettes (AKA Overture, Shangri-La...)
  • Woven Woods (AKA Bamboo Shades)
  • Romans, etc.

A large list of styles, which combined with a huge range of textures, patterns and colors, gives the opportunity to satisfy the highest levels of expectations, either regarding aesthetics or functionality.

Shades fit any décor, any necessity, any demand…


A touch of class

When it comes to elegance, drapes are the best option. They exhibit beauty, charm, distinction and class like no other window treatment does.

Drapes are made of fabrics with a huge variety of textures, colors and styles, satisfying the most exquisite of tastes.

If used independently, they offer the same benefits as blinds, shades and shutters: light and privacy control, isolation, etc. When combined with any of those window treatments, they add an extra touch of class.

Drapes and luxury: different words, same essence.


Made to shine and last

Plantation Shutters consist of one or several framed panels containing louvers. Those louvers come in three sizes: 2 ½, 3 ½ & 4 ½ inches, and are completely operable in order to control light, privacy and airflow.

Best Plantation Shutters are made of:

  • Synthetic "Poly"
  • Painted Wood
  • Stained Wood

Most people believe that Plantation Shutters are the best window treatment ever, and there are compelling reasons why they feel this way:

  • Their proven durability
  • The value that they add to any property
  • They can be made to fit any window or door shape
  • They suit with elegance and beauty any room ambiance, whether rustic, traditional or contemporary
  • They grant magnificent control over light, privacy and isolation
  • They are easy to handle, clean and maintain

Plantation Shutters’ value comes from their eye-catching appearance, high-end functionality and long-term durability.

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